FBG | Mission

The Foundation provides financial resources and mobilize partnerships to benefit Biodiversity Conservation, Sustainable Community Development and Environmental Education in Guinea-Bissau.  The Foundation funding is generated by several mechanisms including endowment, sinking funds, revolving funds and innovative financial mechanisms like REDD+.   

Thematic Priorities

The Foundation is active throughout the territory of Guinea-Bissau. However, its first interventions are oriented towards the needs of Protected Areas and the populations living therein.  Areas of intervention are focused on:
• Biodiversity conservation (species, habitats, ecosystems, cultural practices linked to and favorable to conservation);
• Maintaining ecosystem services for local communities, present and future;
• Improving the resilience of local communities to impoverishment factors and the effects of climate change;
• The mobilization and reinforcement of the abilities of local actors to respond to critical priorities;
• The promotion of environmental education;

Who can receive Foundation grants?

The Foundation can support
- Agencies responsible for the management of protected areas and their partners,
- Civil society organizations whose activities are aligned with the priorities of the Foundation including: organized local communities, NGOs, women's associations, professional associations etc.);
- Academic and research institutions;
- Organizations with advanced expertise in the environmental fields;
- Individuals not affiliated with organizations.