FBG | Governance

Legal status 

The Foundation is a non-political, non-profit, secular institution registered in the United Kingdom. It is legally recognized in Guinea-Bissau as being in the public interest, with its own legal identity and both financial and operational autonomy.


Governance and Management

The existing structures of the Foundation include:

The General Assembly
The Board of Directors
The Investment Committee
The Donor Circle
The Advisory Council
The Executive Secretariat


- The General Assembly is the supreme body of the Foundation, which ensures its integrity and sustainability.
- The Board of Directors is responsible for establishing policy, good governance, and the smooth running of the Foundation.   
- The Investment Committee supports the Foundation in the development of the investment policy, the choice of the Asset Manager as well as its supervision and performance evaluation.
- The Donor Circle is a forum for joint reflection with the Foundation.
- The Advisory Council brings together stakeholders from different horizons, both international and national. An annual meeting is organized for exchanges of information on the life of the Foundation and adaptations of the orientations of its interventions.
- The Executive Secretariat with a small staff manages the day-to-day operations of the foundation.