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The Dulombi National Park (PND), established in 2017, is in the eastern part of Guinea-Bissau, covers an area of the Corubal basin. The Complex as a whole plays a key role as a connector between other protected areas, and hosts the greatest concentration of mammals in Guinea-Bissau. It is an area known for migratory elephants , the presence of chimpanzees and a dozen other primates, buffalo, hippopotamus, and several other endangered mammal species, as well as an abundant avifauna and highly divers variety of aquatic species making it enormously important to Guinea-Bissau and the sub-region.

The PND, with an area of 1 770 km2, is also home to at least 275 bird species , including five priority birds for conservation: the white-tailed vulture, the hooded vulture, the Rüppell’s vulture, the tailless eagle, and Beudouin snake eagle.